Litigation can be an exceedingly stressful experience. However, an attorney that will explain the situation to you, help you strategize and then help you execute that strategy, can make all the difference. Litigation involves many unknowns and variables. A human judge or jury will determine the judgment. But choosing a litigator that can help you design your case from the outset to give it the best chance of success is invaluable. It can bring peace of mind and help you avoid costly mistakes. Don’t go into litigation on your own. Choose a knowledgeable and experienced advocate from Jardine & Associates to represent you.


Every deal is different. Every transaction has unique components. Careful attention to detail is critical. Our attorneys have many years’ experience negotiating, drafting and revising transactional documents. In addition, at Jardine & Associates, you get the benefit of attorneys that also litigate. An attorney who has argued over terms and contractual provisions in court, and seen the result, is a vital asset when drafting the terms for your next transaction. They can help you see how a court will view the provisions of your agreements and then help you create a transaction that will be enforced if it becomes the subject of litigation.

David Jardine was successful in helping us collect on a 6 figure open receivable, during a pandemic. We would recommend his firm and use them again if needed.


Throughout the course of his representation, [Mr. Jardine] has been extremely courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, was always available when needed, went above and beyond in terms of what was expected, and was able to very quickly, efficiently, and successfully resolve my business needs.


From setting up companies to evaluating my legal options when a party breached their contract with me, I have received thoughtful, timely, and advantageous advice from [Mr. Jardine] and his firm.


David is always willing to answer my business related questions and puts me at ease about my legal enquiries. A great company and great people to work with.


I could not be more pleased by the service I received from this firm. They went way above and beyond for me and delivered a terrific outcome. They disprove the oxymoron of an honest attorney.


I could not have been more happy with the level of customer service I received from David Jardine! He wasted no time in handling my case. He was very responsive and professional and easy to work with and got it done! I highly recommend him!


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